#Holiday warm-up

It is that time of year again – June – the month that almost wins over December in terms of gaining a high pulse. Weeks starting with a slight flair of stress that turns into a tighter feeling of near-panic as the month comes to an end. Summer is approaching – or at least that is what we are hoping in terms of the temperature. School holidays are just around the corner – and there is an endless number of farewell slash summer break-events – and for my family a nice string of birthday-parties (my niece, my son, my husband and nephew in the course of a few weeks).


The planning, execution and attending of these events takes its toll. Not to forget that you have to round off all ongoing projects at work and prepare your own summer leave. And on top of that there is the planning of the actual summer vacation (I know – I know….there are many people who manage to do so in February).

First – this blog-post is not to complain about social gatherings with nice people, drinking coffee and having cake together – or certainly not to be upset having to plan holidays as such (actually I am very grateful that there is an Act regulating all employees` right to have holidays).

It is just at this time of year there is so much going on at the same time. There isn’t even enough space in the wall-family-activity-calendar to fit the events. Even if most things go according to plan (…when there is a plan, and not just a muddling-through-day-to-day approach where luck and chance play a big role….) sometimes nightmares about forgotten cakes or wrongly penciled-in dates occur. It is not good if you miss the 5-year old’s summer concert in the kindergarten!

How many kids are born in June anyway? The number of birthdays – including one of my own kids’ – seems endless. And the problem for me (and my husband) is that this year we have been slow – too slow – to get an available “slot” for our son’s birthday. Because invitations for the other kids’ birthdays have just been pouring in. So we have postponed until first weekend of the summer holidays. Let’s hope some of my son’s friends have not yet left on vacation by then.

So what is the coping strategy? Not really sure. Maybe a strategy is not needed at all? Maybe it is ok to remind ourselves that the intensity of June probably is only this extreme when the kids are young. Because as the kids are getting older you’re not always invited, included – or even made aware of the social events of your child (who by then is a teenager). The thought of the kids outgrowing my presence causes a feeling of panic in its own right – and for sure much more scary than forgetting some stupid muffins.


So better just to get on the ride and enjoy the carousel of a very busy social, calorie-filled June-schedule. And to remedy the somewhat high pace of this month, our summer holidays this year will have slow-time as it’s main ingredient…


One thought on “#Holiday warm-up

  1. 🙂 I would vote for no collective birthday parties, they just pop up any time and for me especially in September – October. It seems that kids are born all the time during the whole year…let’ s conclude that at least people are still making LOVE….happy summer!

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