#of wasps and careless stings

We always learn something new. Every single day. Sometimes we are aware of it, but mostly we don’t even realise the amount of things we learn. We are convinced that the days pass by without us having learnt anything at all. But there are no such days. We just do not pay enough attention. And we should. But if we fail to do so, there are others to make us notice. Wasps for example.

Two weeks ago, while spending a long weekend in Switzerland I got stung by wasps twice in one day. The last time I was stung dates back to the late 80’s or so.. Back then I was a teenager. The odd thing however was not that it was the first sting after more than 20 years. The stings did not hurt at all. None of the two. They did itch a bit but not more than that. And yes, they were full-sized wasps. When I mentioned this, someone told me that the wasps were trying to tell me something. And if they really wanted to sting me it would have hurt. A lot. And that was supposedly not their intention. Apparently. They just wanted to convey a message. But which?


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My wasp-expert friend happened to own a book called ‘animal messengers: oracles of the soul’. The book reveals the meaning behind each encounter we have with animals and insects. Here I was, with a book in my hand I would never have even considered looking at, trying to figure out what the wasp was trying to tell me.

We walk through life without consciously taking in the world around us. We don’t listen actively, we don’t perceive actively. We never pause, or rewind. We are rushing through our self-induced stress-loaded life. From deadline to deadline.

Even if it is challenging to take our eyes off the ball it might be worthwhile doing so. Allowing our mind to digest input from a range of sources – even from the more unorthodox ones with wings –  could make our day more interesting.

So I was careless and neglected myself. That it was time that I put me, myself and I in the first place. That in a nutshell what was the wasps were trying to tell me.

Point taken. I will take care of myself. I will become more mindful. I will live in the now. After all, this is all we have (for sure).


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