#summer blog

This blog post was originally meant to be about list maniacs. The ones that can’t live without their lists. The ones that have planned every detail of their life in advance. The ones that when things go wrong simply panic. Full stop.

But then we thought, it’s summer and we should take a break from reality and just look at the bright side of life. Sort of.

Summer breaks, the annual holidays, usually allow us to take a distance from everyday life and to see things from different angle points. To reflect upon our life, or simply to forget the daily routine(s).


When you go on vacation with young kids though there’s not much time left for reflections. But there’s a chance to spend some quality time with your kids without distractions. To really get to know them right, do things together with them, even silly ones like catching fish in a plastic water bottle. And to understand, that those moments shared together will have a lasting impact. They will have left a mark on you and them. They will be remembered in ten, twenty, thirty years from now. And that even without the help of pictures.


So enjoy as much as you can the summer break, even if it is cold and raining (as in some parts here in Europe). Make the most out of it. You don’t get so many chances for real breaks from daily life. If you’re lucky you might come back refreshed and with new ideas. You might even reconsider getting rid of some of your daily routines. After all, most of them might hinder you of realizing what you really want to do. The dreams you had for a long time.

And if you’re a list maniac, consider throwing away some lists too. Not everything in life should be planned in advance. Allow some chaos in your life.