Unfinished business

Our last blog post was about picking up half-read books. But books are not the only ‘projects’ that are easily left half-done. There are abundant examples of half-sewn, half-painted, half-built things around the average person or household. However it is important to get a sense of achievement from time to time. Closure! To reach the finish-line and be able to sit down and admire what you have managed to do. A way of ensuring this is to take on some projects that are fairly simple, do-able in relatively short time but still something that impresses us but also people.

Cooking ticks some of these boxes. But by the time you sit down to enjoy your culinary masterpiece – your family and friends might have already digested most of it. To have something more lasting than faded food-memories, even if you’re taken pictures of them, one should take on projects with a more lasting result.

Some time ago we decided together with a friend in the office to get into some creative crafting. To learn some basic beading techniques in order to make some nice necklaces or bracelets we could use as gifts or even wear ourselves. A number of lunch breaks were spent online to explore the endless plethora of the world of beads. There is an unimaginable variety of color, shapes and sizes available. Turns out it is not always easy to assess the size online. What you see is not what you make..


Just doing this made us feel closer to our feminines selves, especially the 3-boy mum who spends a lot of time with sweaty football socks and watching action movies.

Some evenings in the last months have been spent to develop skills of handling round nose pliers and pulling wires – knowing what crimp beads and clasps are. Wine, which we made a prerequisite, did not always help the practical side of the endeavour – depending on the required detail of the work at hand. However it helped to cope with the not-so-perfect results of the first projects. Though we’ve been told by our teacher that we did great.

It is highly unlikely that we will open a shop to sell our products. But it is surprising how satisfying it is to see the concrete result. Since we didn’t buy plastic beads but rather high-end Swarovski ones, the exclusive look is there despite the less-than perfect technique. And yes, if you haven’t noticed yet, we are very self-critical. It is also very fulfilling to spend a couple of hours concentrating on one thing, even if there are hundreds of beads…

As a farewell present one of us has been so lucky to be on the receiving end of a beautifully made bracelet and necklace that the other two of the bead-trio made secretly. A lovely gift, also underlining how nice it is to get something that your friends put time, effort and consideration into. The sad part of the moving-story is that one of us now has to do beading by herself. A bit worrying is one of the unfinished projects; a bracelet requiring some high-level skills. Time will see where this ends. Doing things on your own, definitely is not the same as doing it together with people you feel connected.


We might have to explore whether a Skype-beading workshop would work. Or we need to plan a combined girls-trip/beading weekend in the autumn.

Ending on a high note – managed to make some quite easy earrings. They look gorgeous – and will be worn next week on the Italian Riviera.


At the end of the day, we didn’t expect to be so satisfied with the results. Sometimes we have to start things and be patient enough to see where they lead. The lesson learnt is that nothing is difficult.. as long as you’re patient and positive.


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